Not sure if I can really handle using my old keyboard now. Cherry brown just ain't the same after using kalih box whites.

Just lacks a real oomph to it

My anne pro 2 has finally arrived, and it really lives up to expectations. switches are really nice, clicky, but not too loud/noisy. Lighting and colours are great. Wireless and multidevice connection are all just ace

Obsessed about black and dark modes now having an amoled phone +

Back and running on android. Damn it feels nice

Bad news, Anne pro 2 is back ordered and so now I'll have to wait for that

Good news, they have dispatched the Bluetooth dongle I ordered

How long is my Anne pro order going to be processing for 👀👀👀

Why I feel so tempted by vortex core keyboards on special 👀

Say what you want but the voice dictation in iOS is pretty solid. Pleasantly surprise D

My brother's thoughts after interacting with @kochie . " he was talking about some nerd project,then some other version of Twitter "

Got a 128gig microsd for my switch,for $41. That's 3 gigs to the dollar.they're practically giving these things away now

Did web browsers always take up so much ram?

@Alanthema but actually I've been a lot better for doing it. Eczema has cleared up heaps and I feel more energetic

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Started drinking more water to the stay hydrated and all that. Now I'm starting to lose count how many times I've had to go to the bathroom

Still peeved that chrome took away the ctrl+shift+Q shortcut (close all tabs,in all windows).

Now there's alt+f, x.which is really frustrating if you didn't realize that you need to let go of alt before pressing x

So pretty much all I got during black Friday sales was games

been using an iphone while my android is being repaired.

Really an eye opener seeing the other side of the fence.

Not as much freedoms as androids, but what it allows you to do, it does well.

One thing that I really noticed is the sense that most of your problems can be solved by throwing money at it

Spend a good amount of time yesterday finding and installing a wifi driver. After all that it still didn't work.

Feels like the authentic Linux experience

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Itching to get me some upgrades over black Friday sales. Keen for a new monitor

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