Sometimes working from home is amazing, and other days it really isn't...

Say what you want about Origin and Apex Legends, but at least the game starts when I press play, rather than making me wait about 15 seconds for it to open (looking at you, Rainbow 6 Siege!)

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Does LGTM mean "looks good to me" or "looks good to merge"? 😁

How is it still not possible to skip the opening cut scene in Splatoon 2 that gives you updates about the game? I don't care. I want to get into multiplayer and win

Switching to a keyboard without only two function keys left of the spacebar (Ctrl and Alt) both of which are 2U, and a 7U spacebar, is the weirdest thing, and always throws me out of whack

For ages I thought larger than life meant super super overweight

It’s completely vain, but I’m looking forward to meeting somebody for the first time and them asking what my Facebook is and me being able to say β€œoh, sorry, I don’t use Facebook”. It’s like the new β€œI don’t have a television”.

Pretty interesting when you compare this to the new USB4 standard..

TIL that USB Type B 3.0 and USB Type B 2.0 are backwards compatible despite the connector being larger for 3.0!

I kind of want to get a 38" LG Curved ultra wide, but I already have a 144 Hz 27", a 4K 27" monitor and a spare 22" as well... It would just be soooo good for working from home 😍

"When is golang getting a plan9 build?"
"Why would you even ask that?"

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