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Check out this super cute by @ohyran!

Check them out on Mastodon or on their website:

The pitch I gave was "Melbourne Hipster" and I think this is pretty spot on! πŸ‘Œ

There’s nothing I like more than reinstalling graphics drivers on a Sunday morning, and also waking up sick 😷

Question: when you’re reading a blog, do you prefer it to have a comments section?

Feel free to elaborate by way of reply. πŸ™‚

@kev I feel like people actually read the blog/article properly when they can't comment, and if they want to actually respond they might write their own blog post. That stimulates actual discourse and thoughtful replies instead of firing off a sarky comment to garner popularity.

Syncthing is amazing, how did I not set this up before

(Trick question: I didn't have fast enough internet for it to really be viable before!)

Is 11 am too late for breakfast? I feel like it should be but it’s either that or an early lunch..

On splitting roles: As you move away from generalized roles and toward specialists, an unexpected consequence is that your organization has far more single points of failure. #aep19

This is the first year I’m going to try not to get sucked into live posting during the DDD Melbourne conference. I find it usually just distracts me from the event and stops me absorbing all the information I’d like to absorb…

Got fibre setup today, on a 100/40 plan. I’m pretty pleased with the outcome. The comparison to ADSL2+ is remarkable.

my most strongly-held tech opinion: the docker whale is cute

I switched from zsh to fish last week and I'm loving it, the vim mode is great!

Negative recency effect: the misconception that if a coin has landed on tails eight times in a row, the next one _must_ be heads.

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