This account is no longer active, I've moved to Pleroma: @uoya

I'd appreciate it if you would follow me there instead 😃

This account is no longer active, I've moved to Pleroma: @uoya

I'd appreciate it if you would follow me there instead 😃

Day 500

My colleagues still haven't realized that I actually never bring my work laptop home, instead I cloned the whole bloody thing into a VM that i run QEMU

Taking mastodon for iOS for a spin, it feels pretty polished for a beta!

I edited my blog with GitHub codespaces, and wrote about it:


Apologies if I haven’t followed you on my alt account, I’ve kept things organic rather than importing follows

@uoya is my alt FYI

I wrote about some the changes I’ve recently made to my blog, and why:


It's not about who's got the most bullets.
It's about who controls the information.
It's all about the information!

Sneakers (1992)

What Matrix channels are people hanging out in? Please send your favourites.

I’m looking for discussion on tech, anime, devops, and just hanging out

That wasn’t too bad, although I might look at deploying LDAP if it’s simple enough, not that I have many users…

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Unsurprisingly, the less I use Pleroma, the lower the cache hit rate goes. It’s on 26.84% right now, down from 31.47%..

Maybe I should invite some friends to Pleroma? The issue is people don’t seem to be as interested in federate social feeds as I am :thinking:

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Anyone reading any good book at the moment?

I’m reading Consider, Phlebas by Iain M. Banks, part of the culture series. It’s a great sci-fi/space opera, I’m thoroughly engrossed.

Just a friendly reminder that doing formatting using unicode characters like 𝑲 sucks total ass for screenreaders

[description: a video of a screenreader reading a tweet with lots of unicode "formatting"]

I’m not sure I can be bothered trying to get Pleroma OTP releases supporting SSL DB connections this weekend, I’ll just get burned out 😭

@pixel do y’all still hang out on Rrerr? In Mumble/IRC?

@jamie Have you had any luck copying Pleroma posts into Mastodon?

I can't seem to federate posts off my Pleroma server into Mastodon to interact with them, super weird..

Pleroma is really neat, and does so much for how lightweight it is!

@rin Ah I worked it out, I had to append the folder name to the bucket name in settings, which feels really weird to me but🤷

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@rin Hey, do you know off the top of your head how to get Pleroma to use folders for S3 uploads?

I've read the documentation and messed around with bucket namespaces but can't seem to get it to work...

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