I've had such a great weekend:
👉 Family is down, so picked them up from the airport
👉 Setup DigitalOcean Kubernetes (have yet to migrate though)
👉 Setup melb.social (well, paid for someone else to setup 😉)
👉 Tried a bunch of different Mastodon clients (loving @tootapp the most though!)
👉 Did a bunch of cleaning & tidying, which is always cathartic 💆‍♂️

Oh, and brunch, cause I wouldn't be in Melbourne if I didn't have brunch on the weekend 😋


works out to be reasonably priced on DigitalOcean too, because the masters are free, and the nodes start at $5 USD (1 GB RAM, 1 vCPU), and then load balancer is $10 USD — all up that's $20 USD!

@hugo how's it working out? I've heard running a master requires about 2Gb Mem/2CPU. Does the $5 USD 1g/1v work?

@drzaiusx11 You can definitely run a master on a $5 droplet, I've done it before! You might start running into performance issues depending on how many pods you're running though. If it's a small cluster you should be okay though!

@hugo oh I misread that. You're running their managed k8s then not your own master. I'm still on their waiting list for the beta...

@drzaiusx11 It's well worth the wait, it's very well done. Only thing that irks me a little is them cycling the keys for it. I understand the need for it but wish it was a bit more automated.. I should probably checkout their APIs and see if I can just write a script to rotate my keys out automatically 🔐

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