Nothing like playing a little on on public transport 😇

@hugo I just recently got a Switch. My first game console since the Super Nintendo. I’m always on the lookout now for opportunities to take it mobile, but have yet to do so. The only game I’ve really played so far is Breath of the Wild, and I’m making slow progress, but it’s fun.

@gabek That's great to hear!

Breath of the Wild had me captivated for a looooong time, and I really wish I could wipe my memory of it and play it over again! I've yet to start it in Master Mode though (cause I _suck_ at most games, and I don't find games that are super hard especially interesting..)

@hugo That’s the exact reason why I didn’t have a game console for so long. Games just looked too hard, the controllers had too many buttons, I just didn’t understand all the rules. But I thought I’d give it a shot and for some reason it’s clicking.

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