I'm really impressed with The Lounge web IRC client/bouncer — the only thing I'm really missing are push notifications on iOS (Android supports Chrome Push).

It's a shame that Traefik doesn't support TCP passthrough yet (

Checkout The Lounge here:

@hugo This past year I was looking at web IRC options and checked out The Lounge momentarily, but ended up building something from scratch for just out of simplicity. No background support for web users though… when they leave they leave. I didn’t know how many people would stay connected, so I wasn’t sure if I wanted to deal with that scaling.

@gabek I normally use ZNC but haven't been bothered to setup an nginx ingress/reverse proxy for it in , cause Traefik is all setup and is soooo easy.

That said.. I'm pretty sure there's a helm chart for nginx anyway, but it's still extra effort!

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