Haven’t done one of these in ages, and the instance is much bigger now. So here is my #introductions post...

I’m Kev and I’m a cyber security guy working in the financial industry for a very large bank. I live in the North West of England in a fairly large town called The Wirral with my fiancé, dog, cat and god knows how many fish.

I’m into walking, motorbikes, tattoos, reading, weight lifting (when time permits), oh yeah, and this thing called #Linux. I’ve also de-googled where possible.


@kev Neat introduction! I'm keen to know in what ways you've de-googled? I've switched to alternative services but have to use it at work (Google Apps), but otherwise have swapped out:

Gmail ➡️ FastMail
Google ➡️ DuckDuckGo
Music ➡️ Spotify
Drive ➡️ Dropbox
Chrome ➡️ Firefox
Maps ➡️ Apple Maps

I still don't have a nice alternative for YouTube and a few others I'm missing..

>apple maps

Bruh, there are steps to go, but nice start.

@m4iler @kev I used to use Nextcloud but it kept breaking on me in Docker.. I’ve heard Tresorit is a nice alternative (recommended by @kochie)

For maps I should really be using OpenStreetMaps..

And for music and other media I have a lifetime Plex pass, and run it in Kubernetes on a NUC with a NAS backing it!

Also, to open myself to humiliation from all sides

Gmail ➡️ self-hosted on Forpsi
Google ➡️ StartPage
Music ➡️ Redacted.ch
Drive ➡️ Seedbox/VPS
Chrome ➡️ Degoogled chromium
Maps ➡️ OsmAnd

@hugo @kev I just discovered cryptpad.fr/ the other day. Next time I need to do any collaborative documents I’m going to give that a shot.

@hugo @kev for youtube there is hooktube but that's just a mirror afaik
peertube is gaining some traction and there are also things like lbry, which imho sucks but some people like it

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