building an app for Mastodon 

Finally got avatars working correctly in , still a reasonable amount of work to clean up the UI though!

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@hugo I had no idea the app you were working on was a macOS app!

building an app for Mastodon 

@hugo i'm working on one too! just for fun. i don't have a name for it yet though 😱 are you doing it for macOS only? tell me more!

building an app for Mastodon 

@belljar Oh awesome! What kind of features are you building in? Mine's mostly a menubar app, just for one-way tooting!

It's macOS only for now but I know @kochie has been keen on building an equivalent for Windows

building an app for Mastodon 

@hugo i'm trying to build a full featured client for ios/android using react native. it's still early days, but it's real fun learning how things fit together

building an app for Mastodon 

@belljar oh neat! I have a bit of React Native experience, and would be keen on helping out if you need a hand πŸ™

Would love to see some progress updates on here too!

building an app for Mastodon 

@belljar Not to put pressure on you or anything though πŸ™ˆ

building an app for Mastodon 

@hugo as soon as i have something remotely approaching usable, i will definitely start posting updates! in the meantime i'll probably just end up posting my gripes on here πŸ˜„

@hugo btw, are you sure you want to build your own app and not jump ship and work with me on mine? :D

@gabek I'd be keen to contribute! I'm not super great at Swift though, I still have a lot to learn..

@hugo This is my first macOS app, but I’ve been doing iOS stuff for years. There’s just enough of a difference between UIKit and AppKit to make it interesting. So I feel like I’m new much of the time, too!

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