@hugo its half past one in the morning I am on beer three drawing a thing for @hund and chatting to @HerraBRE (who's coding) - mean while the CSGO group stages for DreamhackCS Texas is blaring on a third screen.


(also good morning)

@ohyran That sounds like fun! I just got to work and got my coffee, getting ready to squash some bugs!

I didn't realise Dreamhack was on, maybe I'll tune in!

@hugo The 5 man team I am on consists of two guys who are Swedish-Finns so I keep being updated on Ence various wins.

I think Renegades (the australian team) had a few wins, and maybe Greyhounds (the other Au team) is on too.

@hugo "Ence's" (The Finnish team) English is hard when you've had a few beers.

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