Yet another reason it's a good idea to move on from Twitter (and Facebook) to a decentralized option like Mastodon.

"Twitter took phone numbers users gave for account security and used them to target ads"


@mike that and they shouldn't have been using phone numbers for account security to begin with, given how easy it is to port someone's phone number with a little bit of personal information. Using TOTP or other alternatives is far better πŸ”

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@hugo But if they did that how could they accidentally use it for advertising purposes? You know, accidentally **cough** on purpose **cough** .

@mike Ah the old accidentally on purpose, haven't heard of that since primary school!

I've had similar issues with companies like Qantas still sending me emails despite me unsubscribing numerous times πŸ€”

@mike Time for me to raise a complaint with the ombudsman / ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) 😈

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