Setup wireguard on a raspberry pi on my home network, so I no longer have to expose as much as I do right now

Should have done this ages ago!

@hugo I've done the same. I run PiHole on the Pi too, so I have adblocking wherever I am.

Also takes away the need for any file syncing services because I can connect to my local machines from anywhere.

Makes me feel like a wizard.

@jamie @hugo How do you connect to home network PI VPN from outside? Static IP or any other ways? I have a pi at home, been thinking of making it PLEX media server. Im sure VPN wont be a overkill


@rizwan @jamie I run a dynamic DNS binary ( on a cronjob every minute in Kubernetes on my Intel NUC

That lets me connect to the server via a domain, which works for Plex and a number of other things!

The VPN I mostly use to gain access to things I wouldn’t want to expose, like my router

@hugo @jamie that was neat. I’ll gonna try to do the same.

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