How's the weekend been everyone?

I bought a few too many things, but it made me feel good so I'm okay with that


I've migrated another project from my self-hosted GitLab instance to GitHub, now using Actions too

@hugo curious to know why you did that? (I've gone to more than a little trouble to do exactly the opposite)

@lightweight I'm cutting down on the cost of my side projects. The time and money required to self-host GitLab is more than I would like, hence cutting it out

@hugo Interesting. Time-wise, the two I run involve maybe fortnightly updates of about 5 minutes. They piggyback on other servers I manage anyway, so aren't an appreciable extra cost... Why Github instead of, say, (they're both proprietary services, so similar propositions)?

@lightweight I just prefer the experience on GitHub, GitLab has always been a few too many clicks for my liking

@hugo fair enough. We probably have different requirements - I've found I prefer Gitlab, although to be fair, I don't drive it overly hard :)

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