Working from home has been "strongly recommended" because of the corona virus, so now I have a very comfy home office setup!

@Huggles I think it's a bit of an overreaction, but important in sizeable companies for people who have suppressed/compromised immune systems, and may not want to speak up about it

It's also a good way to force more effective remote culture and communication!

@hugo That's a fair call but everyone buying toilet paper is ridiculous.

@hugo waiting for my work to support this recommendation as well.

@hugo eagerly awaiting a "work from a tent in the middle of the bush" policy here.

Honestly, I can think of a couple of places where I could actually pull that off if I just took a moderately-sized solar panel with me.

@mike I think network coverage would be the limiting factor, wouldn't it?

@hugo I can think of a couple of good spots with decent coverage, that's not too hard a problem. It's running something with a keyboard and a decent enough screen for remote desktop sessions over an extended period of time that's actually more challenging.

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