Breville sent me this sweet gift package for free (included with my machine, I just had to go through the effort of manually claiming it)

Includes a thermal milk jug which shows milk temperature, 4 bags of espresso blend, and a knock box!

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@hugo That's a pretty dang nice bundle to get for free

@quad yeah! It was part of a Mother’s Day bundle with the coffee machine I got, Breville Barista Express

It’s been great so far, and a great tool for learning a new hobby 😇

@hugo Well that seems like a pretty powerful machine from what I can find on Google.

Personally I just have a Siemens EQ.3 s100 espresso machine that I use for quick lattes. I own a (non-brand) chemex but I sort of never get around to using it.

@quad the EQ.3 looks great!

Filter coffee for me has always been about the experience doing it, it’s so soothing, but also time consuming 😂

@hugo I like the taste of regular black coffee. Rarely have the time to stand around making it though, already juggling too many other hobbies

@quad understandable!

If you like your coffee, that’s all that matters! ☕️ 😋

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