@jamie Have you had any luck copying Pleroma posts into Mastodon?

I can't seem to federate posts off my Pleroma server into Mastodon to interact with them, super weird..

I got webmentions showing up on my blog, although I’ve yet to push up the change. It was pretty simple, now all that’s left is to make it look pretty with some CSS!

We went down to the Dandenong’s this weekend, was a lovely albeit muddy walk 🏃‍♂️

Breville sent me this sweet gift package for free (included with my machine, I just had to go through the effort of manually claiming it)

Includes a thermal milk jug which shows milk temperature, 4 bags of espresso blend, and a knock box!

I think I’m making progress with my latte art, what do you think ?

My failed latte art looks a bit like a turnip, which I hear is all the rage in animal crossing right now ☕️

Laura made an orange and poppy seed cake, and now is the perfect time for an afternoon snack! 😋

Spending my quaran-time the right way, adding `prefers-color-scheme` to my blog 👨‍💻

It also respects your theme setting, if you want to maintain the light blog theme despite having a dark system theme!

My only issue now is that the throughput on the pi is miserably slow..

Left: speedtest on the rpi
Right: speedtest on my iPad

To be fair, this pi is 7 years old, it’s one of the first generation models...

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