You don’t know how good you have it until you lose your voice, it’s so debilitating..

But thank god for phones (see attached)

hacktoberfest, ratrace, etc 

When you tell the developers to change to the new logo and they do... but rebel at the same time

I’m not sure that we’re improving, as I don’t think this is in the scrabble dictionary

New pen day, it’s a TWSBI VAC700R filled with Pilot iroshizuku murasaki-shikibu ink πŸ–‹

Oh no. I'm the support team. Just managed to bring down my gitlab instance..

It writes like a dream! I didn’t think I’d like the extra fine (they were all out of fine) but on reflection, I think extra fine is great and fine might even be a little too thick!

A little pressure and the palladium nib flexes enough to thicken the line πŸ‘Œ

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