Every morning this really, really sad cyclops is greeting me. Please @kde, can't you make him happy! πŸ˜‰ #cannotbeunseen #Linux

decentralizing your connections back into small subspaces means greater space to be yourself without being shoved up against everyone else on the internet all at once.

@tewha This old boy is about 19, and not super into biting and playing these days! Very lethargic, and all about the good cuddles!

@tewha Haha! Different Sylvester, still black and white though!

He keeps looking up at me with adoring eyes, it's kind of his thing these days

Sylvester has decided that this afternoon is the perfect time to sit on my lap while I finish up some work, and it's the cutest thing!

I got mosquito bites on my feet, and now every time I take a step I feel the urge to itch πŸ™ƒ

Windows, why do you take it upon yourself to just update overnight. I don’t get it. I didn’t ask for this.

If your website's login page looks like this:


(ᡉˣᢦ˒ᡗᢦⁿᡍ α΅˜Λ’α΅‰Κ³Λ’)

Then you probably stop caring about your users the second they join your service.

@shlee Pretty good, played an hour and a half of tennis, had brunch and now playing some Apex Legends :) You?

@shlee Did it go properly down? Or was it just the certificate?

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