Spending my quaran-time the right way, adding `prefers-color-scheme` to my blog πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»

It also respects your theme setting, if you want to maintain the light blog theme despite having a dark system theme!

@nitza nice! Legal textbooks make the perfect monitor stand πŸ˜‰

Thinking about becoming a vigilante who hunts down fuckwits who have hoarded or are hoarding toilet paper and publicly shaming them.

You can call me the Brown Arrow.

@wezm Looks comfy! Is that a capybara on your desk??

Are you running i3? Love the setup!

@hugo Notwithstanding that I'm on leave this week, this is still my home desk where I will be working from next week.

Toot! v1.12 is now out!


This release adds a few smaller feaures, like bookmarks and hashtag autocomplete, and a bunch of bugfixes.

I can't believe people still think it's okay to scrape your email from GitHub to market their product to you 😑

Looking to make my feed a bit more exciting β€” who should I follow?

Why do 32bit computers only support 4gb of ram? I know everybody says it's because 2^32 is 4294967296, or 4GB. But by that logic, 16 bit computers should only support 64KB of ram. I thought that was supposed to be the limit of 8bit computers? Which by the same logic, would only be able to access 256 bytes of ram. Also, shouldn't that 4294967296 bytes be multiplied by the number of bytes wide the ram bus is? This would give a 32bit computer access to 17179869184 bytes of ram.

Finally getting around to giving my side project some TLC, but wishing that my Elixir/Phoenix didn't take so long to build

Probably something else to add to the ever growing list!

Just moved my NAS, NUC and 2 Raspberry Pis into the garage instead of in the office and it feels so cathartic.

Also great not to have the sound of hard drives ticking

@mike I think network coverage would be the limiting factor, wouldn't it?

@Huggles I think it's a bit of an overreaction, but important in sizeable companies for people who have suppressed/compromised immune systems, and may not want to speak up about it

It's also a good way to force more effective remote culture and communication!

Working from home has been "strongly recommended" because of the corona virus, so now I have a very comfy home office setup!

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