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@codl I really appreciate that the list I just made, "Friends", is just there in the menu, I don't have to navigate to lists, and then go from there!

Someone saw all that Javascript in CSS and thought, I’ll raise you by putting Javascript in CSS.

I’m not sure if I’m still exhausted from yesterday, or if it’s because I’ve been up since 6

I've got 6 hours of technical interviews tomorrow (I'm the one being interviewed)

I'm slightly looking forward to it, but also completely freaking out! Right?! The product might be cool, but I'll dismiss it purely because you decided to scrape my email

Finding popular repositories on GitHub, then going through the starred users and scraping their email addresses, and then subscribing them to your mailing list is NOT cool

who called it an an axe and not a life hack

@hugh You have to go to preferences and disable advanced interface!

How do you personally pronounce fstab?

So... "Facebooks cryptocurrency project is backed by Uber, VISA, Paypal and Mastercard".

There is basically not a single word in that sentence I don't dislike intensely

@mastohost Not having to worry about getting an alert in the middle of the night that the instance has gone down is a breath of fresh air! πŸ’†β€β™‚οΈ

The slightly annoying thing about not running your instance yourself is that you can't just upgrade to the latest release immediately.. You have to wait ~24 hours (normally less!)

That said, the benefits are that you don't have to monitor it, maintain it, or do anything else!

(This isn't a subtoot about @mastohost, they're amazing!)

I'm not sure about "complete", but fairly comprehensive anyway.

"Alternatives to Google Products (Complete List) "

I've got my coffee, my Rhodia, and I've just filled up my pilot VP with murasaki-shikibu, so I'm a happy boy

The thing that always gets me about bubble tea is that you can never finish all the pearls open up the cup

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