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Tabnine is actually so good. It starts working out what I type most in specific projects and then autocompletes most of the line for me (if not the whole thing!).

Check it out:

No idea why I tooted this like other people are using my app πŸ™„

So it turns out that Mastodon uses this exact same `npm start` pattern for its streaming services. Apparently I am able to cut ~18-20kB off of these services by switching from `npm start` to calling `node` directly:

I would really like to be wrong about this, as it feels like a downright silly fix. So if anybody with more Linux perf experience than me would like to take a look at this, I'd appreciate it! #MastoAdmins

I've added the Mac app icon back in, so you can alt-tab back to 's compose window, so you can keep track of all your toots (:

Wow that unicode didn't come out how I expected at all

Got called out on Pinafore server-side memory usage, took a look into it. TIL:

- If your npm script calls another npm script or uses wrappers like `cross-env` or `npm-run-all`, then each one takes up its own node/npm process 😬

- `yarn start` actually takes up slightly more memory than `npm start` (123kB vs 92kB for me), even though they do exactly the same thing

- both take up more memory than just running `node` directly (48.6kB for me), which is astonishing

#nightflyers #netflix 

I always forget β€” does macOS base your battery percentage on what's remaining, or on estimated usage?

Sometimes I feel like I overcompensate too much with the amount of emoji I use in GitHub pull request comments..

Living life on the edge today.. I'm working from a coffeeshop, on 12% battery on my Mac, and there nearest outlet is too far away, so I'm going to have to head home or find some random port on the street.

Is this the cyberpunk future we live in now?

β€”On a scale of πŸ’― to πŸ’― how much do you love em dashes?β€”

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