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I intend to stop using `null` in my JS code in favor of `undefined`. Looking for feedback. Comment in the GitHub thread, not here.

mechanical keyboards 

I should have added a CW, it's french pop if that's offensive to you

Wow, so if you don’t have an activated version of office, you can’t copy paste from word, that’s some DRM right there

Good thing I can’t still open it in Pages or LibreOffice

My favourite thing about @mastohost is that I don’t have to fix anything if something breaks! πŸ™

So I didn't end up getting the Elecom HUGE (pictured in first toot), but I did get another MX Ergo cause it was on sale and it's got to be my favourite trackball ever

Nothing like the neighbour doing a bit of sawing at 9 am when I'm working from home

Can someone send me a direct message? I’d like to test the new Mast direct messaging feature!

Has anyone here used Auth0? Thoughts? I'm taking a look at it for a side project

It's too cold this morning, even though I'm taking a meeting from home β›„

Fire in the kitchen at home today while as at work, nothing harmed, just my (and my partner's) stress levels...

Oh boy, I've just burned through $80 of DigitalOcean credit this month... Probably a few too many nodes in my cluster right now.. :k8s:

I just got _another_ MX Ergo, so I can have one at home and one at work, and because they're on sale for $50 off!

My Kensington is ready to be left gathering dust now...

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