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If you don't use Hub by GitHub, you're missing out β€” makes it super easy to checkout PRs locally to take changes for a spin!

So #Mozilla fixed the #Firefox certificate expiration issue that disabled all your extensions. All you have to do to get the fix is to check:

βœ… Allow Firefox to send technical and interaction data to Mozilla

βœ… Allow Firefox to install and run studies


(Don’t forget to turn these off right after your extensions show up again. I restarted the browser but not sure if that’s necessary.)

The Guardian records first operating profit since 1998

"the operating profit marks the completion of a three-year plan that few observers thought likely to succeed, and which leant heavily on a - for British media at least - eccentric business decision to ask readers to contribute financially for something they could get for free."

I'm one of those contributors, and proud of it. The Guardian is the first and only newspaper I've ever subscribed to.

I should really try blogging more, and gaming less...

I just installed Vertical Tabs Reloaded for Firefox and have decided vertical tabs are the best

I've been working on getting ActivityPub Article types fully supported inline in the Mastodon home feed. I've got it working pretty well now, at least for blog posts from It supports a "safe" subset of rich text using a PR from @Thib ( and then I added some code to support <img> tags that proxies images to the local server, just like we currently do with image attachments. Alt text and media blocking are fully supported/respected.

Video demo attached!

This is a nice addition to the mac app store, it shows you if an app is compatible with your Mac (and presumably version of macOS), rather than just spitting out "compatible with macOS 10.14"

21st century rant 

I absolutely **HATE** going to any kind of show and see a sea of lit smartphone screens to record the moment, just so people are able to show off minutes after in social media.

When did we forget to EXPERIENCE stuff instead of living things through a screen? Am I alone in this battle? 🀬


Check that link :

It explains a lot of things about that :)

I recommend that you read practical #vim the second edition which is a really good book


Anyone got any opinions on or experience with deploying a self-hosted Bitwarden setup?

Terminals tend to start chugging when you use relative line numbers

I do this because it means I can use vim motion keys more easily, e.g. 5j to jump 5 lines down

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iTerm2 with GPU rendering is so fast now

I've been using Alacritty as my default for about a year and a half, although I tried iTerm2 GPU rendering when it came out it just wasn't the same

I guess the only issue with Overcast is that it doesn't have a desktop app like PocketCasts does, although it looks like it does have a web app

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