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I love it when it rains this heavily and I'm inside nice and cosy, with the heater on and a cat to be my hot water bottle 🐱

It also looks like our consumers are consuming topics fast enough, and should be applying back pressure to Kafka, rather than consuming too many messages, then not committing an offset..

This means we should be basically batch consuming, e.g. consume 10 messages, do work, consume 10 more messages, rather than consuming a stream of events!

If you find yourself sitting in cars now and then, this might be interesting to you and help you prevent accidents.
So if you open a cars door from the inside, you open the door with the hand that's not next to the door. This means that you turn around you body which automatically turns your vision in the direction where other cars or bikes might come from.

I was taught this early on I believe, anyways this is the way I have always done it.

#dutchReach #bike

I've mostly managed to fix the issue...

It comes down to session timeout being too low, heartbeat being too low, and the consumer being set to consume the topic off the latest offset, rather than the earliest!

Version 1.0.1 of Mastonaut is uploading now. It fixes a few isolated crashes; the window placement in all desktops issue; and a few other annoyances.

@tootapp The animations when switching between tabs on iPad are amazing! πŸ‘

It's time for Toot! v1.8!

The big news this time is that there is finally a dedicated iPad interface, which is designed to use space a bit better, and allow more comfortable control.

In smaller updates, there is also now a switch to open all links in Safari, and if you long-press the action buttons on toots, you can perform them from different accounts.

And then trying to fix it, so it rejoins the group, or the Kafka broker never reaps the connection to the consumer

Today, I'm attempting to kill Kafka on my local machine and make the consumer lag forever

I'm so happy we finally have a Mac app for Mastodon ❀️

Building docker images on the train is not a fun time

Yay! πŸ₯³ That was quick! There were a couple of comments from the reviewer, which I promptly fixed, but apart from that, no issues!

I just need to finish the website (which is almost ready), but I’ll do this tomorrow as it is 2 am. 😴

I brought my Pilot vanishing point into the office for the first time today πŸ–‹οΈ

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