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C'est dingue comme les sites web que je fréquente ne fonctionnent plus très bien en ce moment.
Je me demande si Γ§a a un lien avec le fait que je dΓ©sactive javascript et refuse tous les cookies. πŸ€”

Australia is not available right now, please try again later

My sister just received an email from me via spam email, presumably my contact list was leaked by some app that I must have given contacts access to (probably several years ago).

Am I right in thinking there's no recourse for this? Not like I can take back my contact list or leaked email address.. I guess the only thing I can do is ask my family to be weary of spam emails...

This build has failed about 5 times due to flakey tests, and I'm starting to think I should make them less flakey

I just discovered @jlelse blog. I’ve been binging on his articles for the last 45 minutes.

Honestly one of the best personal tech blogs I’ve read in a long time. Check it out if you’re a read-a-holic, like me.

I’m not sure that we’re improving, as I don’t think this is in the scrabble dictionary

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Everyone's taking about Apple Card, but nobody mentions that Google used to have a debit card

The hardest part about having laryngitis (maybe, seeing the doctor soon) is not being able to talk πŸ™Š

It's a little odd that the graphics drivers I rolled back to came out November last year and have better performance than the latest stable drivers this year...


thanks to the help of people ON mastodon, i think i can write a frontend FOR mastodon that pretty much replicates the experience of mid-2000s myspace


- just a frontend
- the same experience as myspace
- no need to rewrite an activitypub implementation
- may be able to use any mastodon/activitypub backend
- written in Lisp, so it's awesome
- custom profile layouts in HTML and CSS like the old myspace

am i missing anything?

"OK Bob. We're run into a problem and you're the only one who can solve it."

"What's the problem?"

"Our company will go bust soon if we don't solve this perplexing problem."

"Sounds serious"

"It is, Bob. This computer can only be programmed using a white board and a half-dead marker. It's programmed using whatever language you last used, and it requires three variations of the Fibbonacci sequence: one recursive, one iterative, and one using a linked list".

"My God"

"You have five minutes"

@hugo πŸ˜… nice... Hopefully they open a AUS region in the future and it's one click to migrate from SGP too

It’s been a mostly productive weekend. It’s been months since I started migrating my Kubernetes cluster from NYC to to the SGP on DigitalOcean (the closest region to Melbourne..).

Today I think I’ve finally finished everything, and I can cut my bill in half! Running two of everything i...

For some reason my GitLab runners always seem to have to β€œwarm up” if they haven’t run anything for awhile..

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