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The standard AirPods are convenient but honestly not feasible in most situations (at least for me), like noisy office, or in public like on a train because the noise just bleeds in. If you want to listen you have to turn it up to the point where you’re damaging your hearing ...

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AirPods Pro are so perfect β€” easy to fit in your pocket, and actually do good noise cancelling

When did iOS get on demand VPN connections, so you’re always connected, regardless of network (WiFi or cellular)?

It’s nice not having the VPN disconnect due to inactivity πŸ™Œ

After a lot of pain, I’ve finally upgrade cert-manager to > 0.8 (to appease LetsEncrypt.. Older versions apparently spam their API!)

Bonus: I now have wildcard certificates working! Unfortunately I need to copy the secret to other namespaces, but I’m working on a fix for that..

Finally got around to deploying Calibre and it’s associated web client today, and I’ve just finished uploading all my ebooks. Tomorrow I’ll start organising them and get back to my reading list πŸ€“

All installed, initialised, and ready to go! Copied my games across, and moved my home directory over to the old drive.

This M.2 is _very_ fast

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Getting a 1 TB SSD today, to upgrade my game drive which is currently only at 256 (and mostly full already)

We have given up so much functionality for convenience.

I’m starting to think I should have gone with docker-compose over Kubernetes for my homelab, but Kubernetes is just so much fun πŸ™ƒ

Mastonaut is a really nice macOS client. It’s not free but the author has clearly put in the work to make it nice.

Flashed a new BIOS, moved the RAM from A1/B1 to A2/B2 slots, and tweaked a few settings, and now I'm running at 3600 MHz!

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I upgraded to a Ryzen 7 today, which involved a new motherboard, new RAM, and a lot of tinkering when it wouldn’t boot (turned out to be the reset switch was in the wrong way).

And, as it turns out, my CPU has been bottlenecking my GPU this whole time, and now my performance is huge. I...

Last August, the excellent Gitlab forge migrated to Google Cloud : -(

As a direct consequence, the site is no longer accessible from several countries. Indirect consequence: sysadmin and developpers in these same countries can no longer download Gitlab's source code to install it on their servers.

@Framasoft provides a mirror of Gitlab Debian repositories: apt.gitlab.mirror.framasoft.or

Feel free to share the information (in other languages if possible).

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