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It’s arrived, so we’ll be setting this up tonight 😍

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Ordered an HDD for this, but going to set it up on a Raspberry Pi first to get a handle on things, then look at migrating to :k8s:

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I'm going to try running bitcoind and lnd (lightning network daemon) in Kubernetes on my NUC πŸ€“

I'll try pulling the blockchain onto my NAS, but I might be better off storing it on an external hard drive πŸ€”

Happy Monday everyone! πŸ€—

We’re in a new office today!

Your votes have now validated my purchase, thank you 😊

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Black or tan? I always buy black things, but I feel like I should branch out, diversify a little

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Has anyone got a Bellroy Sling?

I kind of really want one, ever since I misplaced ("lost") my small carry bag

I love the look of the leather one too, I just can't pick which colour

I managed to break my ZNC deployment in :k8s: at some point, and only today worked out what went wrong...

Turns out when I deployed MetalLB in front of everything in order to get source IPs working, my ZNC deployment lost its external IP, so I had to manually assign one to it πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

Happy Thursday - what have you been up to today?

I've been home sick for the last two days, classic me after getting off a plane 😰

@JPEG wow you’ve really outdone yourself with this latest release of Mast, it feels so nice! ☺️

can't wait until i can flash pleroma onto my brain and become a walking instance federating my thoughts directly over activitypub

Just resolved this by removing from AllowedIPs on clients, so I can safely split tunnel and only use the VPN for stuff in my home network, rather than all traffic!

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